Friday, 17 August 2012

Combining Our Passions - the Silver Horse Jumps!

One of the questions we are asked most often is "Why is the flower shop in Kentville named Silver Horse Florist?"  The answer is that the owners have many passions - one of them is flowers, and another is breeding beautiful Spanish Andalusian Horses, most of whom are a beautiful silvery grey. 

We all lead such busy lives it is wonderful when we can weave together our various passions in life.  Last weekend we did just that when we unveiled the brand new Silver Horse Florist horse jump at the Annapolis Valley Hunt's jumper show.  We helped to decorate the event by providing lovely silk tropical flowers and palm trees to decorate the onsite "Tiki Bar," and some of the other jumps benefitted from some of our flowers displays.  But the one below was our favourite.  This horse and rider pair are doing a fine job trying it out too!

When the wind came up, the topiaries had to be tied to the jump so they did not blow over, which is why they look like they might have spent a little too much time at the Tiki Bar.  Despite the wind and sometimes threatening weather, it was a fantastic horse show.  The money they raise through shows like this help to pay for the upkeep of the Hunt's hounds all year long.  The organizers did an excellent job and we were proud to be a part of this event. 

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  1. The horse seems to be examining your work as well. Flowers seem to give that extra class to horse shows!