Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Calorie-Free Summer Soda!

I walked into the flower shop the other day to find Vance, one of our designers, engaged in an very serious conversation with one of the first clients of the day.  A seven year old girl had come into the shop and seen one of Vance's wonderful 2 foot high floral sodas and sundaes that he created to celebrate summer.  She was going to a birthday party and wanted to take flowers to a friend. She was very excited about the floral soda, only to discover that the cost was beyond her budget.  Vance found out what her budget was (with help from her Mom who was with her) and offered to create her a smaller version to fit her budget.

She was so excited!  He managed to find a smaller container that looked somewhat like a soda glass, and then invited Mom and her daughter into the walk-in fridge with him so she could help pick out the exact colours and flowers that he would use.  She stepped behind the design counter and watched him put the arrangement together, offering suggestions in answer to his questions, with the finishing touch being her request for two, not one, straws.

It was a very happy smiling young girl that left the store proudly with the arrangement she had helped to design.  And we were all smiling too.  Vance helped to create a memorable experience in so many ways, and demonstrated the standard of client service we pride ourselves on at the Silver Horse.  I still smile when I think of the enthusiasm of that young girl - who knows, maybe she will become a floral designer some day!

The Calorie Free Soda!