Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Spread Happiness With Sunflowers!

Today I drove the old road to the flower shop, because there was construction on the main highway.  As I was traveling along enjoying the beautiful sunny morning, suddenly I came upon a stunning, HUGE field of gorgeous sunflowers in the community of Mount Denson.  I have always thought of sunflowers as flowers of joy – so big, bright and bold.  Seeing a whole field of them nodding in the morning sun put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I stopped by on my way home to learn that the field is owned by Dakeyne Farm, who have created Nova Scotia’s first sunflower maze.  What a fabulous idea.  Not only can you enjoy a walk in the beautiful outdoors amongst the sunflowers, but when you crest the hill you will enjoy splendid views of Avon River and surrounding countryside.

It gets even better.  The Dakeyne family are spreading the joy even further.  Proceeds from the maze go to the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation’s Our Community Our Health Campaign (which also happens to be the charity we support as well).  
So Silver Horse Florist salutes the Dakeyne Family for spreading the joy of their sunflowers far and wide.  A visit to the sunflower maze should be on everybody’s “must do” list for September.  Don’t forget to buy a few sunflowers to take home.  Mine are smiling at me right now as I write!