Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Joys of DIY!

One of my favourite places to visit is the fridge in our flower shop (especially on hot days in the summer).  I love the many bright colours and varieties of flowers that suggest endless possibilities of beautiful artistic designs.  And combining different colours and textures of flowers into a new design is always so satisfying.

All of our floral designers at the Silver Horse are passionate about floral design - and we have decided to share that passion with others who would like to learn more about it.  We are very excited to launch our Do It Yourself Floral Design Club, and our floral design classes.  Starting in January, we are offering five classes where you can come to the shop for an evening of fun with our floral designers.  We will show you how to design a seasonal arrangement - and then you get to design your own and take it home with you.

Register for an individual class - or join the club and get three classes plus a 10% off discount card that you can use all year to buy fresh flowers and floral design supplies.  We would love to share our passion with you - come and design with us!

Call us for more details -   678-4728 or drop us a line at

The arrangement above is the one we will be making in our first class in January 2013.

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